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Incremental/delta data export using command line data loader

A few months back, we got a requirement for hourly incremental/delta export of data from Salesforce. There was a restriction that we didn't want to purchase any other licensed ETL tool, so we decided to use the command line data loader using that export can be scheduled also. Command line data loader requires SOQL to export the data, so to export the data hourly we scheduled the process using windows scheduler for every hour, but the main challenge here was to write a dynamic SOQL that would apply a filter to extract the records for those created date is greater than last 1 hour. Salesforce does not provide any SOQL datetime literal like LAST_1_Hour or LAST_N_HOUR. There are 2 methods to accomplish the requirement. First is using powershell script and the second is using SOQL itself. Method 1 - PowerShell Script In command line data loader, process-conf.xml contains the SOQL, so in case of an hourly incremental data extract SOQL will be like SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact

Visualforce header and sidebar do not appear on IE11 (or lower version of IE) even when enabled

Recently, we rolled out lightning experience for a Salesforce org and encountered an issue in classic experience for IE11 or lower version of IE. IE11 does not support lightning experience by default. To enable lightning experience in IE11 following is the setting in "Setup >> Session Settings" that needs to be enabled: As clearly explained in the above snapshot, Salesforce does not recommend this setting to be enabled, so we decided not to enable the lightning experience for IE11. Now when users login to Salesforce in IE11, they can access only classic experience. So the issue is, when they open any VF page in IE11, header and sidebar are not visible even when showHeader and sidebar are set to true. As per Salesforce documentation this is because, when customer switches to lightning, the flag UserPreferencesLightningExperiencePreferred is updated for the affected user. And if the setting "Extended use of IE11 with Lightning Experience" is unchec