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Email Alert to Parent object's email field without apex

Workflow! When you hear this term, a fantastic way to automate many business processes comes to your mind. Using workflows in Salesforce, you can do many things and this needs only a few clicks. You can perform various actions using worklow like updating a field, creating tasks, sending outbound messages and email alerts. A few years back, we got a requirement in a project where an email notification needs to be sent to opportunity owner and owner's manager if the opportunity stage turns to "Closed Won". So the requirement was simple, we just created a workflow rule with the specified criteria and created a workflow action to send the email alert. wait, wait, wait!! It was looking simple but while adding recipients to the email alert, we got stuck. There is a limitation associated with workflow email alert, we can add email fields as recipients if those are on the object for which we are creating workflow. In our scenario we needed to send email alert to the owner'